• Free a space at home to comfortably move.
  • Materials for packing should be prepared and laid out in an orderly manner.
  • The boxes are supplied folded; thus, you should unfold them for assembling
  • fold the flapsThen, on the bottom part of the box apply the package tape shaped like an “H”, making sure that the tape starts and arrives at about half of the side walls.N.B. To reinforce them, additional tape can be applied to the base of the box.
  • Fill the box in an orderly manner with the previously packed items.
  • Close the box and apply the tape like you have done before on the bottom of the box and by trying to join the two strips of lower tapes with the upper ones.N.B. Do not close the boxes if they are not completely filled because they could be crushed, and the contents could be damaged.
  • Write everything you need on the boxes (e.g. fragile, target room, directional arrow) to facilitate our work during the transport phase, and to find the objects inside them, when you need them.
  • Use small boxes for heavy objects (books, glasses, plates, pots, etc.). Use large boxes for light objects (sweaters, towels, linen).
  • Use the packing paper for all objects inside the furniture.
  • Use the bubble wrap only for very fragile objects (crystal glasses, valuable ceramics, showpieces, etc.)
  • We provide our pick-up service to reserve at 0039 055 412524. The boxes should be opened along the tape and arranged as they were delivered