Approaching the moment to move house, you will find a good number of removal companies in your area. But how to choose the right one? What are the essential characteristics that a removal company must have?

Once you are ready to move house, get more quotes for different removal companies, normally you should request a quote from at least 3/4 companies to compare prices and services offered.

First of all, never trust moving companies that do not need to carry out an inspection. This step is, in fact, the moment when the person in charge of the company considers the various factors that are crucial to define the cost of the service. This is the reason why at Zeus Traslochi s.r.l.s. we always carry out an inspection to assess exactly what must be moved and to better assess the problems that may exist at the starting point and at the arrival.

Without an inspection you risk finding yourself in the ambiguous situation in which the company, on the day of the move, will not be fully prepared for the work to be done. Obviously, this condition does not matter if your move is small, for example a bed, a washing machine and 20 boxes.

This is in fact the moment in which you will be able to know the removal company and evaluate their professionalism, expertise and experience. The range of companies available is very wide, from small businesses to large companies with many vehicles, employees, warehouses, etc.

What are the key points that the removal company must guarantee?

Regardless of its size, a professional removal company will have to ensure some details which are partly mandatory by law, partly indispensable for the success of the move.

The first of these is undoubtedly the registration on the register of removal companies which is mandatory for all companies engaged in road freight transport.

Do not forget that customers are responsible for the removal service, and if the removal company is stopped without it, your vehicle is seized, and your things confiscated.

The second guarantee that a serious removal company should provide is adequate insurance coverage. By law, all companies that transport goods must necessarily have vector insurance coverage. This is a policy that compensates by kilo transported which is certainly not enough for the removal operations. It is therefore assumed that the removal company benefits from an additional insurance policy. This is the reason that allowsZeus Traslochi s.r.l.s. to offer an “all risks” insurance cover.

A fundamental aspect is the quote, which must be written and clearly show all the services included in the final price and indicate the costs for additional services. In addition to this our quote will have a detailed list of pieces of furniture and objects to be moved.

The staff is an essential aspect in the choice of the company, make sure that the removal company has regularly employed operators. Beware of companies that use on-call staff: moving is a delicate service and, for this reason, experts are important.

Finally, the price. It is not always true that a high cost service will be good, and a low-cost service will be poor. Perhaps, with equal guarantees, services offered and professionalism the costs will be fairly in line. In general, be wary of too low or too expensive quotes.

Make the right choice and have a nice moving!

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