Since last December 16th the database of road hauliers on the compliance of road haulage companies can be consulted by companies and customers on the Portale dell’Automobilista. Everyone can therefore check the compliance of the carriers that carry out the services. This operation can be simply done on-line. To be able to use the service, it is necessary to browse the website and access the dedicated section; after registering as a “Citizen” and authenticated (by filling in the “User” and “Password” fields), you access the dedicated “Home Page”.


Access the Service

Once you have entered the system, proceed with the identification of the company whose compliance is to be checked by clicking on the section on the left above “Accesso ai servizi” (“Access the Service”): several sub-sections will open, including “Consultazione Regolarità Posizione Albo”(” Register Position Regularity Consultation”).

Clicking on it, an ad hoc page will open. There you will be asked to enter the company’s personal and fiscal details (tax code or VAT number) or, if it were not provided, other information according to the type of company. For example, to check the compliance of a small business, it is necessary to indicate either the “Codice Fiscale” (“tax identification number/sociale security number”) or the “Name and Surname of the Business Owner” and “Province and Municipality” in which it is located (both information is mandatory).

For bigger companies, instead, the required data are the “VAT number” or, alternatively, the “Name and Type of Company” and the “Province and Local Council”. Also, in this case both pieces of information are mandatory. Furthermore, it is compulsory for the researcher to indicate also the motivation for which the check is carried out. On the same page, in fact, a field to be filled out entitled “Motivo della visura” (Check Reason)

The Result

At the end of the first consultation phase, as a result of the research, the “Ricerca Impresa” (“Business Research”) page will open, displaying the company that corresponds to the search criteria indicated by a series of summary information, represented in tabular form.

The data displayed will be the following:

“Register number”

“Company name”

“VAT number” or “Tax Code”

“REN Code”

“Indicatore di Sede Primaria”

Once it has been established that the system will have selected the right company, to have the certificate it will be necessary to click on the “Attestato Visura” (Certificate of Visura) button. The user can, however, modify the search criteria indicated and carry out a new check.

Certificate for Visura

The last phase is the most important and is the one related to certificate. By clicking on the lower right section “Attestato Visura” it will be issued a printable PDF document , which contains all the information required.

The document will include the summary data of the research: applicant for the visura (“Name” and “Tax Code”); date and motivation of the view; enterprise object of the visura (“Denomination and Province”); outcome of the vision: regular / non-regular.

The outcome is the result of the checks carried out on registration in the Register of road hauliers, registration with the Chamber of Commerce, registration with the National Electronic Register (if required) and outcome of the verification of the regularity of contributions, conducted and communicated by the INPS / INAIL systems (National Social Security Insurance Agency /National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work).
A formal document is issued.